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For over 30 years the AFA has been advocating for the family and fighting for the most important issues of our time – the sanctity of marriage, the right of the pre-born to life, the right of school choice for parents, the right of the faithful to freedom of religion, and the right of taxpayers to a small, sensible, and unobtrusive government. 

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We are determined to educate our members and the general public about the most important issues affecting the family and we will always strongly encourage those actions conducive to building morally strong and effective families.

American Family Advocates History

Connell Friel
Connell Friel


Frank Russo, Jr.

Frank Russo, Jr.

Former President

Over some thirty years, Frank Russo’s record of accomplishment is astonishing. The American Family Association of New Youk produced 314 public access television programs, and at its height, the AFA-NY television programs reached about four million cable viewers. In addition, Frank  published an AFA-NY newsletter, which came out two or three times each year. In addition to the TV programs and newsletters, Frank defended our moral values and the family by appearing on dozens of radio, television, and live debate programs. Some of these programs reached a national audience and often took place in hostile environments. He was a spirited but respectful debater, always taking the high road, but never ceding the moral high ground.  In October of 2022, we changed our organizational name to the American Family Advocates.  

Recent Newsletters

Newsletter Spring 2021 Vol. 28 No. 1

Frank J. Russo Jr. Retires After 32 Years of Dedicated Service, Abortion – The issue That Will Not Die, Joe Biden Places Women and Children in Danger, School Choice Advances in the States, Arizona Stops Sexual Predators , Killing Babies Is Not Health Care , Support for Socialism Plummets.

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