Although we are determined to highlight those issues which affect the family in both positive and negative ways, we will always strongly encourage those actions conducive to building morally strong and effective families.


Newsletter Spring 2021 Vol. 28 No. 1

Frank J. Russo Jr. Retires After 32 Years of Dedicated Service, Abortion – The issue That Will Not Die, Joe Biden Places Women and Children in Danger, School Choice Advances in the States, Arizona Stops Sexual Predators , Killing Babies Is Not Health Care , Support for Socialism Plummets.

Newsletter Fall 2020 Vol. 27 No. 2

US Supreme Court Rules
in Favor of School Choice, New York is Losing People, Oldest Living Paulist Priest, AFA of NY’s New 2021 President — Connell Friel, Key Moral Topics Discussed at
Presidential Convention, China’s Future Problems, School Choice Getting $85M for Poor DC Students, Is Runaway Inflation Over?, Transgender Issue Growing, COVID-19 Problem Still With Us,

Newsletter Spring 2020 Vol. 27 No. 1

Deadly Pandemics, Supreme Court Rules on School Choice, Three Key Moral Issues, (STDs) at Record Levels, Presidential Debates
Never Discuss School Choice, Newsmax–Good News Magazine
& TV News Channel, Similar Arguments re:
Evils of Slavery& Abortion, Crimes by Labor Unions, More Pro-Abortion Democrats, % Christian – Declining in USA

Newslette Fall 2019 Vol. 26 No. 2

World Improvement since 1800, Moral Views of
Liberals vs Conservatives, Some Interesting Facts, Key New Case Before USSC, Medical Costs as% of GDP, Suicide is Growing, Gun Terrorists & Media Bias, US Senate Vote on Infanticide, Dementia is also Growing, Christianity & Homosexuality, Public School Population Change,

Newsletter Spring 2019 Vol. 26 No. 1

Education Secretary Proposes $5B School Choice Tax Credit, Gov. Cuomo Celebrates Allowing More Abortions, Media Bias at March for Life, Great Movie Coming Soon, Inflation from 1950 thru 2018, Vagina Monologues Performed
@ “Catholic” Colleges? Crazy?, NY’s New Fiscal Problem, The Transgender Issue, Senators Who Hate the K of C, Oil Production in the U.S., What is a “Socialist”?, How Teacher Tenure Harms
Students & Taxpayers, NYC Reaches Limit
on Charter Schools,

Newsletter Fall 2018 Vol. 25 No. 2

New Supreme Court Appointee, Janus Case Decision by USSC, Is a Boy Sometimes a “Girl”?, Tougher Living on Long Island
For Young People (ages 25-34), Decline in Local Newspapers, Political Views of NY Times & Washington Post, A Look @ Yale University, US Birth Rate Lowest in 100 Years, How We View our Public Schools, Kids Living with Parents, Black Unemployment, Cancer Mortality Rates, Where’s our Nation on Current Moral Issues?, Is Morality in Decline?, Child Sexual Abuse Problem, Changes in Home Buying, China: Lacking Babies & Women,