Vol. 27 | No. 1

AFANY Newsleter Spring 2020

Apr 1, 2020 | Newsletters

Deadly Pandemics

With coronavirus (Covid-19), we’re indeed facing one of the world’s worst pandemics.
A hundred years ago in 1918 the world was hit with the” Spanish Flu”, which infected a third of the world’s population, killing over 50 million! In our country, 675,000 died from this flu, more than ten times the number of Americans killed in combat in World War I, which was just ending.
While we are in the early stages of this virus, estimates are we may see 100,000 die in the USA, with several million infected.
And we may see more of our daily activity taking place online and a greater use of delivery drones. A key question is: How did China cover up this virus for so long?
Please pray for all those suffering with this terrible disease, and help anyone you can.

In June, Supreme Court Rules on School Choice & Blaine Amendments

The Supreme Court will issue its decision in June (Espinoza case), on the Blaine Amendment of Montana which was used to stop government funding of religious schools accredited by the state government.
Blaine Amendments were known for 140 years as being anti-Catholic, and they have been used in many states, including NY, to stop school choice if it includes religious schools, even those accredited by the state.If Blaine Amendments in June are ruled unconstitutional, then NY will have a legal chance to fund school choice programs.
And since this funding level is always lower than funding for public schools (PS), there will be a huge savings for taxpayers. And since NY’s cost/PS pupil is the highest in our nation (> $23,000/pupil), then cutting that by 40%, & funding private schools at 60% of PS cost/student, saves taxpayers 40% and this can be split between public schools and NY taxpayers, with each getting 20% of the saving. Hence, PS get more $$/pupil (but lower budgets) and NYS taxpayers get huge tax savings.
A 1991 study for our NYS Senate by Ron Lauder (Pres., World Jewish Congress) concluded that school choice savings would be $4B/yr (NY Times, 11/24/91). Today those savings for NY state would exceed $10 Billion/yr !!

Three Key Moral Issues

Many key issues debated in elections on news programs are issues with arguments partially right and wrong on each side. This includes issues such as immigration, climate control, healthcare & the economy.
On immigration, for example, we must be kind to immigrants and legally allow as many as possible considering various factors. On the other hand, a nation should be able to decide how many immigrants to allow in any year, and should be able to control its borders.
But 3 issues with moral positions that are completely right or wrong are: (1) Abortion (2) Marriage (3) School Choice
Abortion involves the question of when human life begins. Here’s what a human fetus looks like in the uterus at 11 weeks:
A century ago we didn’t have such pictures available. Now we do. Our AFA-NY public access TV program once aired a film called Silent Scream, by Dr. Bernard Nathanson. Dr. Nathanson had supervised over 70,000 abortions, but then saw what abortion was —the killing of innocent human life in the mother’s womb—and he became pro-life, and produced the movie Silent Scream, showing an actual abortion. While we were airing Silent Scream one Thursday about 20 years ago, we received a phone call from a young woman 11 weeks pregnant, scheduled to have an abortion at Planned Parenthood in NYC two days later. She asked us if the unborn baby in Silent Scream really was only 11 weeks old, and we told her that indeed it was.
She then said she was never told her baby looked like that. She asked us for a pro-life center she could go to, and we gave her 3.
The next week we called all 3, and one told us she came and cancelled her planned abortion in NYC.We believe it is very likely there is now a 20 year old alive today because her mom saw our AFA-NY Public Access TV program (Silent Scream) which showed that young lady the human life she was about to destroy, and so she changed her mind and today that baby is alive !!
A second issue is marriage, which is the union of one man and one woman. Legalizing, and thereby “honoring”, gay marriage is wrong. Yes, we must honor and respect the homosexual person, who is a child of God. But we should not honor sodomy by honoring gay marriage.
A third key moral issue is school choice, that involves giving all parents, including low income parents, the right to select any state-accredited school they want for their children, including private religious and secular schools. And we will fund them below the level we fund public school (PS) students. And the savings could be split between our PS and our taxpayers.
This gives all parents, including “poor” parents, the right to select the best schools and also control the moral values being taught their children, such as those dealing with proper sexual behavior & marriage.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases
(STDs) at Record Levels

Chlamydia- 1,700,000 -up 3% from 2017
Gonorrhea – 580,000- highest since 1991
Syphilis- 35,000 – highest since 1991
(Newsday, 10/10/19)
Parenting Changes
% of Children Living With
Year 2 Parents 1 Parent No Parent
1960 87% 9% 4%
2000 73% 22% 5%
2010 69% 26% 5%
Pew Research Center

Newsmax–Good News Magazine
& TV News Channel

One of our nation’s best news magazines, not controlled by liberals, we recommend is Newsmax. Newsmax also has a TV station on Verizon (Ch. 115 & 615) and many
other tv systems. Please consider getting this excellent monthly news magazine.
(For info call: 800-485-4350). We should note that Newsmax CEO, Chris Ruddy, was a guest on 9 of our 320 PATV Programs.

Similar Arguments re:
Evils of Slavery& Abortion

1:“Although he may have a heart & a brain,& may be a human life biologically”,
(a slave/an unborn baby) is not a human person. Dred Scott(1857) / Roe v Wade(1973)
2:“If you think (slavery/abortion) is wrong, nobody is forcing you to (own slaves / have an abortion). But don’t impose your morality on someone else!” Crazy???

WHY Presidential Debates
Never Discuss School Choice

There were many Democratic Presidential debates, with well-known moderators, but they never brought up the issue of School Choice, a key concern of many low income families. These families often want to be able to select a good charter school or a good private religious school, but they cannot afford it, even though the cost is usually less than the cost per public school student. School choice is the best way to both help low income families get a better education for their kids, while at the same time, save taxpayers money!
These debate moderators & news people are clearly liberal & refuse to ask the Democrat Presidential candidates this key question : “Do you support parental choice in education?” And if not, “WHY not?”
The reason they never ask this question is that all the Democrat candidates were anti-school choice, and this is not known by most low income voters who want school choice more than the wealthy voters. And the “moderators”, mostly liberal, also don’t want “poor” voters to know which party is stopping school choice. But “WHY” are Democrats opposing school choice, since most Dems do want to help “poor” families? Well, the reason is also not known to most voters. The reason is that Democrats put the interests of low income families, which want school choice, below the interests of teacher unions, which want to keep their educational monopoly. Democrats, and debate moderators, never bring this up as it would hurt the support Democrats get from many “poor” families.
Another question:Why don’t Republicans educate voters about this key issue in ads?

Crimes by Labor Unions

In the past 15 months we’ve seen over 60 labor union officials & staffers convicted of crimes harming their union members. Union dues were stolen by their leaders in amounts well above $100,000. (WSJ, 3/6/20)

% Christian – Declining in USA

Generation % Christian
Silent Gen. (1928-45) 84%
Baby Boomer (1946-64) 76%
Generation X (1965-80) 67%
Millennials (1981-96) 49%
Pew Research Center

BIG Difference on “CHOICE”

Choice to Kill Choice to Select
Unborn Baby School for Kids
Democrats PRO ANTI
Republicans ANTI PRO

Different Views of
Capitalism & Socialism

Positive View of
Capitalism Socialism
Republican/lean Rep. 78% 15%
Democrat/lean Dem. 55% 65%
(Pew Research Center, AMAC mag.)

New York is Losing People

New York is continuing to see more people leave the state than entering. A major cause is the high level of taxes paid in NY.
A key cause of NY’s high taxes is the high level of pensions paid to many NY public employees who retire. The Empire Center reported 6,178 state and local government retirees in 2019 received pensions above $100,000/yr, with many over $200,000/yr. !
Pension costs are a key factor contributing to NY’s fiscal stress, likely requiring even higher NYS income & local property taxes.
Another problem for NYC is the increase in gun violence. As of Sept. 20, 2020, 1362 people were shot in 2020 and 209 people killed. In 2019, over the same time period, 674 were shot & 109 killed—about half those shot & killed in 2020. (NY Post, 9/21/20)

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